Category: Installations

installation / 2020

Sunlight / Gyz La Rivière / 2020 / installation of Sunlight soap / left: m.s. Castor / model, made by Günther Schmidt, 1990 / Collection Stichting Kunstbezit Koninklijke Nedlloyd (loan by Maritiem Museum Rotterdam)

soloshow: ‘New Neapolis’ / TENT, Rotterdam / 2020

Vertical steam engine / model, 1:20 / made by K. Polderdijk, 1995 / Collection Museum Rotterdam

Ford Capri, dream car for the man on the street / Welly NEX 1969 model, 1:24 / Worker, miniature figure, Preiser 45088 / Collection Gyz La Rivière

Le petit Marseillais, soap brand from Dijon, allegedly inspired by the lovely smell of soap in Marseille. The logo is a dreamy sailor boy. / Brillo, miniature of the Brillo boxes Andy Warhol used in 1964 for his readymades. / Savon de Marseille, classical original soap from Marseille. / Collection Gyz La Rivière

Van Nelle stained glass window, 1925-1930 / Collection Museum Rotterdam

Fotografie: Ossip van Duivenbode & Aad Hoogendoorn