Category: Installations

installation / 2020

Napoli in capsules / Gyz La Rivière / 2020 / installation of Perla Espressimo Napoli, coffee in capsules, Albert Heijn

Model of the crude oil cracker of Shell’s refinery in Rotterdam, 1975-1980 / Collection Museum Rotterdam

soloshow: ‘New Neapolis’ / TENT, Rotterdam / 2020

Three glass paintings give a 3d-impression of the exploding Vesuvius, 1750-1800 / Collection Museum Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, we also live – casually, some might say – with our own volcano: the large-scale petrochemical industry and tank storage in Botlek and Pernis.

Match box, 1966 / Collection Museum Rotterdam

Meccano magazine, 1963 / Meccano is a toy company, originally from Liverpool. / Collection Gyz La Rivière

Van Nelle’s Export Coffee / historical coffee jar, date unknown / Collection Gyz La Rivière

Fotografie: Ossip van Duivenbode & Aad Hoogendoorn