Category: Installations

installation / 2020

Rotterdam / Gyz La Rivière / 2020 / installation of drying racks by Metaltex, model ‘Rotterdam’, made in Italy.

soloshow: ‘New Neapolis’ / TENT, Rotterdam / 2020

The Horse in the Crib / Transom window from a ‘house’ in the Zandstraat-quarter in Rotterdam, 1780-1800 / Collection Museum Rotterdam / on top: La bonne mère / Virgin Mary figurine, souvenir from the Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille.

Model of the Zandstraat-quarter / 1:120 / made by Bert Diepstraten, 2017 / This model shows a schematic reconstruction of Rotterdam’s Zandstraat-quarter (demolished in 1912) and a wire model of the City Hall (completed in 1920), visualising the scale of the demolition. / Collection Museum Rotterdam

Fotografie: Aad Hoogendoorn & Ossip van Duivenbode